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    compare cpanel and plesk


    both cpanel and plesk are famous in the hosting control panel industry,

    i use cpanel for years and plesk little.

    i find many people want to sell dedicated server as hosting server,

    it means their customer may:
    a)need a lot of source
    b)need control panel for easy using their account
    c)but low fee

    it is really impossible,

    because the dedicated server need:
    a)cost more hardware fee
    b)a technician to managed the server
    c)all the control panel fee

    by the way,i think:
    a)how to lower the fee of control panel fee
    b)functional control panel to manage the system for technician,it will lower the maintaining cost for the package and the company

    so,i want to know:
    a)if i choose plesk,the control fee will lower,and if the maintaining cost lower,too?
    b)i know cpanel is functional in my experience,it may take lower maintaining cost,but the control fee is not low.

    for lower the cost (control panel cost + maintaining cost),
    plesk and cpanel,which will be better?

    and any compare with them?

    i am not sure if you know want i want to present.


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    any friends can give me suggestion?


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    Compare cPanel 1499 and Plesk 1399, there is actually no much difference in price. When you have a big enough customer base, control panel fees is not a big deal at all.

    Also you maintain a server, not a control panel, so no difference which panel you wanna use.

    Choose the one you are more familiar and your customers favor more.
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