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    222 - Image Hosting Website for sale

    currently its hosting around 150,000 images (after a periodic mass deletion).

    The script is very basic and was written by me.

    > Direct PC upload (browse and upload upto 15 files at once)

    > ZIP file upload (upload upto 15, or more, files zipped in an archive)

    > URL upload (upload files by specifying URL)

    > generates bbcode, direct links, forum friendly links with thumbs

    > auto renaming of files to prevent duplicates

    > ability to email the links of all the files uploaded in a single upload session.

    > watermarking of files greater than "X" pixels in width. (to test this feature, upload a file greater than 550 pixels in width).

    > ability to add watermark "on the fly" on every image view (so the original files remain unchanged) or to permanently mark the images so there is no server side processing on image view.

    > AJAX interface

    > files will not be put endlessly into just one directory. The directory can be (automatically) changed after X files are uploaded to a directory. Settings controllable via a cron-job.
    This makes taking backup easier as there wont be a HUGE TAR file because you dumped all files in one folder, but instead small, manageable, backup files for easy restoration and server transfer.

    > Identifies file by type, size.

    > Implements pdoru's realtime upload progress bar. (search google for PDORU)


    > No registration required.

    > SUPER LIGHT on server resources!

    > However, there is no support for bandwidth monitoring of an image.


    Bid starts at $750. Interested people may PM me or reply here.


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    Did you sell ? I am interested!

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