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    irc - vhosts and processes!

    I have 5 ip adresses that i buy to a isp on my country (portugal) and i will create 5 vhosts to use on irc.
    Now i am looking for a vps that allow me to run processes of psybncs and eggdrops, and allow me to use a vhost from other company (i dont think that there is some problem to provider on this situation..).
    What do you advice me, with between 1 or 3 gbs?
    One more question, do you know where i can buy more ips with access to reverse of dns or just buy the vhost? They coast me on the isp of portugal 0.75 euros (almost 0.80 dolars) for month, or 6 euros (almost 7 dolars) for a year.
    Thanks mates, from Portugal (sorry my english!)

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    what do you mean "use vhost from other company"

    do you mean VPN/tunneling or routing your IPs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Procyon View Post
    what do you mean "use vhost from other company"

    do you mean VPN/tunneling or routing your IPs?
    I can't understand that very whell..
    I mean like this: i buy the vhost on the other company, just the vhosts without the shell. And on other second company, i will buy a vps where i will run the psybncs and eggdrops to use the vhosts from the first company.
    (sorry, it's confused to translate to english..)

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    that makes no sense.

    are you going to buy A records? vpn/tunneled IPs? ips to be routed by your provider (like from

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    i really should study more english

    my "project" is this:
    i buy 5 private vhost on a SP (on portugal), because they are really cheap. It stay something like this:
    but they dont sell vps from where i can run the psybncs and eggdrops. that's why i am looking for other SP that sell to me the virtual private server and allow me to run the bncs and eggdrops. but the network quakenet just allow connections of 5 users from the same ip at simultaneos, that's why i need the 5 vhosts, to make 25 users on quakenet.
    Thanks for the help procyon, i hope you understand now..

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    Do you mean that you want to use the VHOSTS of another company on a server that they don't run? If so, this isn't going to be possible since the VHOSTS are set up to point to their IP addresses. If you ask nicely, maybe you can use their domains to create your own, though.

    You might also want to check out as you can use other people's domains there to create your own custom VHOSTS.
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    Thanks for the help!
    But how work public vhosts? Because there are some BNC's that use vhosts publics from others..
    Can someone explain me better how works the vhosts?
    For example, if i buy this vps: (the vps02) it came with one ip adress.
    On the most of SP they sell ip adresses for 2 dolars. With that ip i need to get a domain or can i use a sub-domain to create the vhost?

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    One more question:
    If i buy a domain, for example: and i create some domains, can i use those subdomains to make vhosts? To that, i need to buy ip adresses (how much they coast?), and reendirect my subdomains to them, am i correct?

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