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    Uni-Hosts... No refund?

    I signed up with Uni-Hosts about a week ago but when was provided with all the details to my hosting and tried it out, I didn't like the service and requested a refund. Their website states "We offer plans with 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 Premium support. 30 days 100% moneyback on all packages so try us with full confidence.", as does their ToS "Refunds and Disputes
    All payments to Universal Hosts are nonrefundable, unless covered under the money back guarantee. This includes the subsequent charges regardless of usage."

    When I submitted my support ticket, I received no response for three days (so much for 24/7 Premium support?) and when I finally updated my ticket letting them know I'd be posting this review, I got a pretty rude email back from a Joseph Evans that said

    "Hello Brandon,

    We do not allow refunds. However, you will be provided a refund. You may post a review you wish to. Threatening a company that posting a "review" will will not lead to anywhere. If you would have read TOS, it is "clearly" stated Refunds are not allowed unless covered under a money back guarantee.

    You should see your refund within 2-3 business days.

    Thank you
    Joseph Evans
    Systems Administrator"

    Which I thought was contradictory seeing as how their website says all packages are covered by their 30-day money back guarantee.

    $23 might not be much to them, but working part-time (15 hours a week to allow for school), I'm careful about spending my money because I don't have much of it to begin with. Just wanted to let people know don't use Uni-Hosts if you're looking for good server speeds and polite support staff.

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    That is really ridiculous. Poor customer service!

    Personally if a customer wanted a refund within 30 days I would happily provide this for them. I do draw the line where if you pay for say 2 months and cancel it just before the 3 month begins I will refuse to refund.

    All refunds are at my discretion. If there is a personal or sensible reason for a refund I will always do this.

    Personally I think they copied the TOS from another website and haven't bothered to read this to ensure consistent Customer Service.

    I would like to add on my final rant, that them saying "Threatening a company that posting a "review" will not lead to anywhere." Surely them providing a refund to you clearly shows they are scared of a bad review.
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    It seems very apparent to me that this "Systems Administrator" is not very well versed in his own company's policies. Overall not a great level of customer service. I guess +1 on moving to a new host while you have the chance to get your money back.
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    Billing department usually handles cancelations and refunds and not support department where you submitted the ticket to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boldoutlook View Post
    Billing department usually handles cancelations and refunds and not support department where you submitted the ticket to.
    While thats true it doesn't take five minutes to move the ticket to billing.

    Its rather strange to state no refunds and then give you a refund..

    But if your claiming under the money back guarantee I don't see what the issue was.

    At least your getting your refund and you can start your search for a new host.

    Hopefully you will get better luck this time.
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    Hmm. funny indeed, if their TOS does read refunds are available they should honor it

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    The ticket was submitted to the billing department, when I updated it, I got an answer within an hour from the Systems Administrator.

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    One could call it false advertising too, but maybe the sys admin just wasn't very up to date with the company's policies, and how the TOS should be interpreted.

    Good thing you're getting that refund, regardless.

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    To let everyone know, the customer was refunded.

    The staff has access to all tickets regardless of the ones they work with. However, NOT all staff deals with Payments/Refunds.
    Staff has access to the gateway log, while PayPal doesn't as API to send payments.

    Here's a reply from the customer.
    I've had nothing but problems with the server and just don't want to deal with it.
    I don't wish to say much about this, but he did try to install "something" which failed. Thus he asked for a refund after few hours. He said the reason was"slow response from server". While we logged in, and what else can you expect a server on 100 mbit to transfer at constant speed of 75-85 mbit/s to Canada DC.
    He tried to install something which really he did not know how to configure/work with.

    Normally, we don't allow refunds, specially on dedicated servers. We didn't want any negative review flying around about us. So, we issued a refund. We have more than 400 satisfied and active customers. The reason you won't find much reviews, people don't both post a review if they love the service, but they do the same if there's some issue.

    So, what if I buy a server from anyone, and ask for a refund if I had problems installing something. We honored what's mentioned on the website, and refunded. However, you need to make sure you read the TOS completely whenever you sign up with any other host in future.

    I would hope if any one of our present customers could post up a review here.

    Again, I would tell you if you have not read this post completely. The service was a dedicated server.

    I would also like to assure all other people that, please do not judge us by a misleading review. We assure you that you will be happy with our services, as all of clients have been.

    I wish good luck with your next host Brandon, and I would expect you will be satisfied with their service.
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