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    Question Something for manage ads and clients


    i'm looking for a very easy script ( must be similar to OpenX, but more light and easy to use). I want to resell some zone in my website to different clients and offer the possibility to each client to see stats about views and unique clicks on their banner. Each client have only one banner a maximum number of unique clicks and an account for monitor stats (no any type of complex graph only a list of clicks for evry day of the week and the total number.

    I want to use somethink similar to that:

    <a href=""><img src="myfile.jpg"/></a>
    My website have up to 100.000 unique user every day so i want a very fast solution because i would like to host the script on my dedicated server without any problem....if i must to buy a dedicated server clearly i prefer openx...

    Let me know


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