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Thread: G2 Web Services

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    G2 Web Services

    Does anyone have any experience with working with G2?

    I have been informed that many acquiring banks use them as an extra risk management tool but I just want to get some more information on how they work and what kind of service they provide as well as an estimation of the costs involved. It seems they can keep track of website URL's and somehow backtrack if anything illegal is going on, not really sure what the program involves.

    Please share your experiences, thank you.

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    I never heard of them but would also like to get some information on their service and if anyone are using them.

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    There was not too much listed on their website but I did find G2 Web Services, L L C
    Year Started:2004
    State of Incorporation:UT
    Location Type: Single Location
    Stock Symbol:N/A
    Stock Exchange:N/A
    Also Does Business As:N/A
    SIC #Code:7379
    Est. Annual Sales:$150,000
    Est. Employees:2
    Est. Employees at Location:2
    Contact Name:Robert H Caldwell
    Contact Title:Manager
    Hopefully they have grown since that was posted but it does seem they posted for a Perl Software Developer on a few websites.

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