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    Lightbulb Instant News Ticker

    Inform instantly your customers of server changes, downtimes, updates and more.

    Instant News Ticker is a taskbar resident program in your client's computer and checks every 30 secs for news and updates.

    + Low memory signature (Only 2 mbs of ram usage)
    + Low CPU usage (not more than 5%)
    + Checks for news every 30 secs (can be adjusted accordingly to your desire)
    + Displays a notification icon in the taskbar and/or a notification window
    + Fully brandable, skinable notification windows and customisable links.
    + Notification window can display any text message and up to 3 clickable links
    + One File Install on your server-side (xml file based)
    + Autostart option

    Windows XP/Vista
    Internet Connection
    Pentium II/500mhz or better
    128mb of RAM

    $100 per license, unlimited distribution to your customers, 1 year of free updates.

    PM me for info.
    Freelance Coder

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    Update: License can be acquired from our reseller's website only and price is $69.99.
    Freelance Coder

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