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    Over a year with fluidhosting review

    Well - lets give fluidhosting few good words.

    I am using their 14.95$ shared package for over a year now, mainly for the usage of my father site and emails, it's not a resource consuming site.

    During that year i've had nothing besides peace and quiet that i sometimes forget about hosting at all. Most months i have 100% upsite(monitored with siteuptime) and the worst i had was 99.8 - which was due to scheduled operations they let people know before.

    I needed their support only once when i tried to define antispam filters, and in that time they were quick helpful and polite.

    Overall experience is that they are very reliable and responsible. My only wish is that they'll try to upgrade their packages/prices every once in a while, though it's not directly affecting me, but i guess that what people mean when they say you have to pay for quality.

    One of the domains i host with them:

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    When things are almost perfect, there's not that much to say about it, is it?

    Good to hear you found a host that fits your needs, and you can stick with.

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