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    newbie needing to start a website- what do I need to know

    Okay, this must sound so silly to you all but I'm clueless and need of your help.

    Our media broadcast company is trying update our website (name change, host change, etc). Will you please tell me step by step what I need to do? I've read that I need to find a host, a server, etc... but this is all very confusing for someone that is not in web and trying to work with people who are... Please educate me on the vocab and what the functions are for the host, server, etc... and how much space, bandwidth or whatever else I should be looking out for...

    Thank you all...!!!

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    it is a very hard question,

    and also it depends on how big do you want this to be,

    meaning what kind of website you want to make, and what kind of traffic you are expecting

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    By "update", do you mean that there is already an existing web-site? Or are you starting from scratch?
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    If you have a website and need to update it, simply use ftp client, log it to your account, download your header file and edit it with notepad.
    if you want to make a website from scratch, you need a web designer, a hosting account and learn how to operate web host, it should take not more then 10days if you search it on internet tutorials.

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    so basically, the company has an old website but is in the process of revamping everything including a name change. so they want to completely make a new website, get a new host, etc.. we are video content heavy so they suggested getting a separate server just for videos- does that sound right?

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    Sounds pretty right, but since you are content heavy we would need to know how much traffic you expect to use, how much space you will be needing, how many unique visitors you have per day, where your target audience is from, and anything else you think might help for people to post some recommendations.

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