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    Windows Server Setup for $80

    Who already bought this? or, what do you think about it?

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    Additional Notes:

    * * All plans does not include the 3rd party application license cost ( installation & upgrade ) such as HELM control panel license, antivirus and mail server license, etc.. Clients will need to purchase the license by their own and provide the license key on the comments field on the order page.
    * * 3rd party application license cost will be provided upon request with additional charges apply. You may contact us via [email protected] for the full quote for the price.
    * Cost for purchasing 3rd party application is not refundable.
    * Please provide your server IP, Windows administrator user login and password on the comment fields at the order page.
    * Price shown is per server. Contact Us for quantity discount.
    * We shall respond to you within 24 hours (max) upon receiving your order.

    I probably wouldn't go with this. This seems rather low, and their grammar also appears to be off as well, that is usually a good sign to "Be Ware". Find out more personal information about the company and the administrators who perform these tasks before you make any decisions. Are they Microsoft Certified? Is there any NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place to protect your sensitive information? All things I would make sure to have, in writing if possible before I would let them do anything at all.

    I Hope this has helped in some way! Good luck, and keep us updated!

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    Thank you for the advises.

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    No problem, I am glad that I could help in some way.

    Best Regards,

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