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    XHTML/CSS Coding

    Hello, i need a people who can help to coding a website.

    It should be XHTML/CSS validated and be compliant with IE, FF, Safari.

    Website Design:

    The website is already coded but i need a people who can made the website XHTML/CSS validated.

    Budget 50-100$

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    I will be more than willing to do it

    email me at cloned_madman @

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    Hello, I am interesed in this. Do you need this to be coded in transitional or strict XHTML? Please PM me or IM me if you're interested. Thanks!

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    If the position is still open, I offer (x)HTML/CSS 1.1 Strict cross-browser compatible code. They pay seems fair and I offer same day turn around. Please contact me should you still need this done
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    I am interested and will do it for a low price. PM me if interested.
    Designer / Coder (XHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

  6. Please kindly refer to the PM

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    I'll xHTML validate it for around $50 - $70, as you asked. Portfolio at (samples of coding included). You can find my contact information from there as well.

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