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    Question Difference b/n Virtual/Multiple/Reseller

    Is there a difference between a hosting plan which states Multiple Domains and one that states Virtual Domains?

    I'm trying to switch to a new hosting plan but I'm not sure what I need to look for. I want to offer webspace to clients. Some clients will want me to develop the site for them. Other clients will do it themselves.

    Currently I have 5 separate clients plus my business website to host. Should I look for a reseller package or one that can virtually host. Or one that offers multiple domain hosting or is this the same as virtually hosting?

    A client who wants to edit their own website will want shell and ftp access. Plus I'll need a decent email package.

    Currently I am with Interland paying 100 per month for up to 10 domains (20.00 setup per domain ). THe bulk of the cost is to get a Miva Merchant License, but I have decided to to use OsCommerce instead. It looks like I can find something a lot cheaper but I need clarification on the type of account suited for my needs, that is Resller, Multiple, or Virtual?

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    If they say that you can have multiple virtual domains per account, they probably mean the same thing as having multiple domains. You might be better off asking the host that is advertising it what they mean.

    Most sites that allow multiple web sites per account don't allow multiple FTP and and shell accounts, so you might want to go with a reseller plan.

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