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    need png fix in IE

    I need someone who can help me install a code fix to display png transparency in IE properly. I have found numerous posts on the Internet about it, but am not 100% comfortable doing it myself.

    This is for our site

    If you know how to do this, and are good with php programming, please PM me. I have lots of other work I need done.

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    Do you still need this done? If so, please contact me via a method in my profile.

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    I gave up on this. I tried CSS and javascript fixes, nothing worked 100%. We replaced all the png transparent files with gifs. In saving them through photoshop in the "save for the web" method it came out allright.

    I am not sure if it is because I am using the CRELoaded script for my site, because I used png background graphics, etc... I'll just wait another year until the majority of people are on IE7 and Firefox. (We can only hope)

    Thanks to everyone for your help on this, those who PM'd me and posted here.


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