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    does the ip address geographical location matter?

    I can't really find any straight answers to if the ip address geographical location matters or not from a seo point of view.

    Some say "absolutely", others say "a bit" - but lately most have said "not at all"...any SEO wizards ready to post the *real* answer (if there is one)?

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    When it comes to SEO IP Addresses, specifically Geo-specific IP Addresses have no impact what-so-ever in regards to Google, MSN, and Yahoo! Unless you are doing PPC with the engines, then it might have some bearing on where you are advertising.

    The "IP Specific", "IP Range" type of thinking is "90's" search engine philosophy. Which means... yes... back in the late 90's it did matter. But now in 2008 (modern day search engine optimization) it means just about nothing.

    Now.. what will have some impact is the TLD. You could have a drastically different ranking with a site on than you do on etc... / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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    IP location carries little-to-no qualification as to the quality of the content.
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