Midnight Software is pleased to announce our new service offering - VMWare appliance hosting.

Pricing is simple and is based on memory usage:

128Mb RAM
10Gb HDD
100Gb Transfer
0 Setup!
per month

256Mb RAM
20Gb HDD
300Gb Transfer
0 Setup!
14 per month

512Mb RAM
30Gb HDD
500Gb Transfer
0 Setup!
22 per month

768Mb RAM
40Gb HDD
750Gb Transfer
0 Setup!
35 per month

1024Mb RAM
60Gb HDD
1000Gb Transfer
0 Setup!
45 per month

We currently have the following appliances available:

ESVA 1.7 - Mail Spam/Virus Scanning - 512Mb (22 per month)
Gentoo Web Development - 256Mb - (14 per month)
Ubuntu 7.10 JeOS 1.031 - Bare essentials server - 512Mb (22 per month)

If there is an appliance you want - let us know, and we'll add it to our list! If you want to upload your own appliance, no problem - we'll do it (there is a 10 setup charge for this).

If you want to order, just go to http://billing.midnightsoftware.co.uk and select VMWare appliances as the category! This service is so new, we've not even put it on our website yet, so WebHostingTalk users will be amongst the first!

We are hosted in the Bluesquare datacenter in Maidenhead, and own all our own servers (we are not a reseller). All prices exclude VAT.