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    Arrow Home based personal data center installation--is it possible???

    i am planning to install my own dedicated server in my home!! i want to know is it possible and what things i need beside hardware???

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    You need some high speed connectivity running to your house(and I don't mean T1), backup power, cooling, someone to monitor your servers, and more. You really should just buy a dedicated server if you really need one.

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    You have shared hosting experience and now you want to operate your own datacenter? Hopefully you have a good influence on people, because the bank is going to laugh at you, if you ask for funds to run your own datacenter.

    Also, hosting is a business, usually the guys who own a datacenter, are the ones that have been in the hosting world for over 6 years at least.

    No offense!

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    A data center at home - no.
    A dedicated server at home - yes, why not.

    You could perfectly fine run your own dedicated server at home, running mail, dns, apache and so forth, no problem - for your own private use..
    People do this usually on fiber connections with 100mbit or 10mbit bandwidth.
    But bear in mind that a professional datacenter /could/ be more stable, has more security, and so forth.

    But if you know what you're doing, running a server at home? Sure why not.

    However running a data CENTER? No way, unless it actually is a real data center with all that this includes. (ie you are rich as hell)

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    This is trouble. If you want this server to be visible online you'd need a good connectivity. It will cost you a lot. So get low cost dedicated server or buy one and colocate it... tehre is a funny video about home-made-data-center from peer1 I think. It is promotional but it is funny. Don't do this to yourself.
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    A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression), and special security devices.

    Hmm actually... what he is asking is technically possible.. since he said "personal data center" to host his own dedicated server.

    All you need is really a decent internet line that isn't port block(dual wan) and static ip. A lock to the server room, leveled floor, air con, few UPS, power generator, fire extinguisher.
    It will work, but it is slow and not as reliable as renting one from a DC, also the cost will be high.

    But yeah... jokes aside I suggest you take a read on wiki about datacenter and dedicated server..

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    Sure, here's the few things you will need to get comparable service:

    - A connection that's 99.9% reliable, fast (at least 10mbps uplink) and redundant that also gives you a static IP.

    - A large battery backup in case of power fluctuations or failure.

    - A fuel generator assuming your home power is not able to run without problems through storms, power crew maintenance/screw-ups.

    - Someone with appropriate knowledge that can stay at home 24/7/365 in case of HW failure.

    - Backup inventory in case of HW failure.

    - Enough money to stay functional with no customers (no reasonable human being will pay to be hosted in a house server)

    - Faith & Prayer that all of the above works as well as the things I forgot to mention and you forgot to think of.


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    Actually i was just want to know that how to install dedicated server in home..not data center ---sorry dudes--
    so here it,s again..
    What connection i need for a single dedicated server, i can get 2MB connection in just 30$ per month, will it work?

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    It would work but your ISP (at that price) will most likely block ports and it wouldn't be ANYWHERE NEAR as reliable as in even a low end DC somewhere. Your ISP probably won't give you a static IP for that price, either.
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    ok, It was helpful for me.
    CAn any one let me know what is the name of connection which provide 100MBPS connectivity? T1 line, Fibe optical Or what?

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    Residentially? Nothing in the US.

    100mbit fiber or a local loop from your telco..
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    OK, Now i get it...THanks

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    Great idea , having server in home.was just curious with OS that you will be installing for your Server

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