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    * Search colo who have good download speed for all the states


    I'm looking for colo for storage service.

    We need minimum 1.5MB/s download speed to client.(from home with cable/dsl)
    (west coast[LA, Bay area] to east coast[NY, boston])

    I tried test few providers but I can't satisfied download speed.

    If I'll locate west coast, can I get minimum 1.5MB/s download speed from NY?

    I'll commit 100MB with Gigabit fiber connection with half rack. So they must have 10GE/multi-home backbone.

    Does anyone here have any recommendations for someone they know or have worked with?

    Thank you.
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    Do you already have a provider in NY? If so, who's that provider? If you work with the same provider on both coasts your speed will likely be a lot faster.

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    I was tested at home. providers are area),

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    Why not try someone in Central like Colo4Dallas, Gigenet or Steadfast

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