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    Getting the off-set hour between two timezone date


    I am trying to write a simple script that will workout the off-set in hour, between 2 different timezone.

    This is how i attempted it :

    PHP Code:

    'America/Toronto'// Based on

    $current_hour date('h');
    date_default_timezone_set($new_tz); // Based on
    $new_hour date('h');

    'Hour Difference : '. ($current_hour $new_hour);

    I ran this script on my local machine (which is in the UK, GMT Timezone). The result i expected to see was -5, because 'America/Toronto' is GMT -5, however, when i ran the script, it outputted -7 (which is wrong).

    Where im i going wrong with this?

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    Just a thought, if the the time isnt in 24 hour time.. wouldnt you have to do some sort of date_subtract?

    like if it was 12 and 5,... 12-5 = 7
    but it's really 5 hours

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