I am working on doing some various upgrades to my workstation computer. I got it back in Nov and have been adding to it every since. The motherboard was bad when I first got it so I had to buy a new one. I already had an athlon 5600 so I figured I would get the mobo for that. Upon advice from various people I got the abit kn9 sli, for socket am2 940 processors and nvidia nforce 570 sli mcp

I am wanting to upgrade the processor now but I havent really found much info on what would be the highest level processor I could drop in. I know the phenoms dont work and some have told me that the athlon 6400 would be the biggest i could drop in but that isnt much more then I have now so would be no point.

So basically I was posting to see if anyone knew the best processor I could drop in this or the best socket am2 940 processor there is