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    Top Five US Dedicated Server Providers?

    Hello, everyone. Forum n00b here, but I've been lurking for a bit. My company (small web hosting company, mostly personal/blog sites with a couple of higher-load commercial customers) is looking to make a change from our current provider to another dedicated server host, and reading through the threads here I've seen a few names recommended but every provider does seem to have its share of detractors as well.

    I'm wondering if you guys would be willing to post your "personal top five" dedicate server hosts, bearing in mind we're looking at "middle-of-the-road" hardware, 2000 gig traffic a month, really robust customer support (my current provider wants me to open a "billable ticket" even to ask about network outages!), and we're looking to spend about $150/mo, give or take (less, of course, if possible).

    I've been looking at burstnet but that one thread with the incredibly angry guy has me a tiny bit concerned.

    Really appreciate the help. After we decide on a move (which we're looking to do this week or early next) I'll post who we picked, who we're moving from, and all the whys and wherefores.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would reccomend CoreNetworks. For $159/mo, they have the following plan:
    Intel D 940 3.2GHz 2GB RAM (2) 400GB Hard Drives 2,000 GB Transfer Remote Power access Free Setup!

    I've been very happy with them, no major network issues, and support has been great (though bear in mind, they do prioritize responses (ie. a sales response may take a bit longer than a hardware outage, etc)). I've had a server there for around a year, and have been happy, and have yet to see anyone complain here about them.

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    I am sure you will find some of the lists with your current provider on it, I think you should check reviews of the place that match's your requirements rather than taking recommendation of unknowns, people recommend top 5 without ever using a single provider.

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    << 've been looking at burstnet but that one thread with the incredibly angry guy has me a tiny bit concerned. >>

    I doubt you will find any large host that does not have one of these :-(
    Nature of the industry unfortunately...
    You'll never be able to avoid all of them, only do your best to keep such to an absolute minimum!

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    I recommend Softlayer. Take a look at their specials.

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    Domain Name Junkie

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    1. Softlayer
    2. NAC

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    I'd recommend SoftLayer & CoreNetworks (for budget).

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    1)FDCservers ( Great network, previous expierience!)
    2)SoftLayer (Rapid support, setup time.
    3)Layered Tech (From what I understand, support has improved from when I was there, but there still good anyhow)
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    Wow, my point proven

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    Steadfast is my recommendation, amazing support, awesome bandwidth, good hardware.

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    1) Volumedrive
    2) Caro
    3) Softlayer
    4) Layeredtech
    5) FDC Servers

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    1. dedicentral (although a reseller of layeredtech) alasdair is a great man, and top notch in terms of support, we have 5 servers now and have no problems with them at all

    2. WiredTree ( they are not a reseller)
    THe best I have ever seen! have a vps there and would love to purchase more dedis

    3. softlayer ( for the price)
    amazingly CHEAP (not a first hand experience)

    4. Rackspace ( Very pricy, but great support, you get what you pay, not a first hand experience)

    5. Theplanet (only have one server, too pricy..) the problem with them is two

    a. no paypal accepted
    b. when they decided there is a phising site or anything in your site, they take it down, within 1 hour... now sometimes that is BAD, because it happens 3-4 am and they call me.. and when I dont wake up... boomm they just knock it down...

    well thats my opinion

    Crayon Web Solutions
    "Support and Serve"

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    SoftLayer by far. Had experience with a few others in the US and Softlayer is by far the best. No setup fees, great service, good technical team.

    All too many of these datacentre outfits are great until something goes wrong.

    We recently moved from a company where we had apparantly 12 hard disk failures in one week on one box alone. Just proves the point of going somewhere like Softlayer where they test the hardware and dont buy the cheapest crud available.

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    BurstNET's good for me. Have a couple servers with them now.

    I've heard good reviews about SoftLayer and LayeredTech as well. Also had a chance to test them out in terms of speed and it's decent... - Sell your cell for cash!

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