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    php on windwos2003 problem

    O people of expert i have problem regarding a php script
    server details as follow
    windows server 2003 web edition
    IIS6 modified to run php PHP 5.1.3
    MySQL Server 5.0 NT
    my problem as the following
    i have php script runs locally very well on windowsXP WAMP package
    the script runs very well with no issue
    on the production server the problem happens
    the breif of problem are
    1 - the script connects to mysql database ( connection file is fine - database is accessible for user no issue with database)
    2 - the main page of script is index.php ( user with login data user/password cannot request page directly - also server doesn't page
    automaticaly and server returns the follwing url to client's browser http://x***********/m/cp/login.php?a...cp%2Findex.php
    3- i examined the login.php i found the code as follow's
    heres the code snippet for brevity i removed html
    <?php require_once('../Connections/connect.php'); ?>
    // *** Validate request to login to this site.
    $loginFormAction = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
    if (isset($accesscheck)) {
      $GLOBALS['PrevUrl'] = $accesscheck;
    if (isset($_POST['user'])) {
     $MM_fldUserAuthorization = "";
      $MM_redirectLoginSuccess = "index.php";
     $MM_redirectLoginFailed = "failed.php";
      $MM_redirecttoReferrer = true;
      mysql_select_db($database_connect, $connect);
      $LoginRS__query=sprintf("SELECT user, pass FROM msn_admin WHERE user='%s' AND pass='%s'",
        get_magic_quotes_gpc() ? $loginUsername : addslashes($loginUsername), get_magic_quotes_gpc() ? $password : addslashes($password)); 
      $LoginRS = mysql_query($LoginRS__query, $connect) or die(mysql_error());
      $loginFoundUser = mysql_num_rows($LoginRS);
      if ($loginFoundUser) {
         $loginStrGroup = "";
        //declare two session variables and assign them
        $GLOBALS['MM_Username'] = $loginUsername;
        $GLOBALS['MM_UserGroup'] = $loginStrGroup;	      
        //register the session variables
        if (isset($_SESSION['PrevUrl']) && true) {
         $MM_redirectLoginSuccess = $_SESSION['PrevUrl'];	
        header("Location: " . $MM_redirectLoginSuccess );
      else {
        header("Location: ". $MM_redirectLoginFailed );
    4- if i supply user name and password correctly nothing happens and nor server redirect me to failed.php just
    returns the following header value http://x***********/m/cp/login.php?a...cp%2Findex.php
    where should i do to fix the problem
    is it an issue with php.ini
    or is it an issue with IIS
    or is it a of script itself even its running okay on local WAMP boxes

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    is any sloution for this problem

    is any sloution for this problem or what should i do to get rid of this dilemma
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    How is PHP configured in IIS? As a CGI Module? If so try installing it as an ISAPI module and update to the latest version.

    If that doesn't fix your problem post back again.

    We can't actually see any error from what you posted though as the links are *ed out.

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    Hi MageUK
    Thanks a milion for you reply it's configured as detailed in photo check out attachment if you please what should i do to fix it and thanks again for you aid
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    Hey Delda

    Download the PHP 5.2.5 Setup Package (, run it, install as 'IIS ISAPI module' when prompted by the installer.

    Go back to the screen that you were at (Web Service Extensions) and you will see PHP: Hypertext Processer, click it, click Properties from the left, go to the Required Files tab. There's a bug in the installer that sets the path incorrectly, with a ~ in it somewhere, you need to edit this to be the complete path to php5isapi.dll.

    Then go back to the screen you were at in your screenshot , and do the same (remove the ~ from the path and make it straight to the DLL).

    Attached are screenshots of the working version of both parts.

    Hope that helps, if you need any more information feel free to contact me.


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    Try adding an extension for php5wrapper.exe as well as php.exe

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    Thanks a million Rudi for your aid but its still not working i did as you said in reply i restarted IIS many times and the whole machine but its still not working what else should i consider in mind to let the script work correctly and thanks again for your helpful hint

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    Did you remove the CGI Handler?? Sorry I didn't write to do that before.. It could be overwriting the ISAPI handler.
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    i beg your pardon what do you mean by "removing the CGI Handler" or where exactly can i remove it thanks

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