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    How much traffic?

    I have a question regarding a server I'm thinking of getting.

    The specs are:
    P4 3,0, 2048 MB, 2 x 80 GB HDD, 100Mbit dedicated unmetered.

    I have a web site witch have a db with the size around 50 MB. It has a small forum and runs php scripts. It have few graphics. Each page is maximum around 200KB. Around how many page views/traffic do you believe the server can manage?
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    The page views will always depend on the efficiency of what you're loading. It will be hard to answer no matter how specific you are as no two servers are built the same, and no two sites work the same. As for a 'forum' it makes a big difference if you're using phpBB vs VBulletin vs IKonboard vs any others. Each one will hog resources differently. The same applies to how much of your page loads are static content vs dynamic, so 200K of static are very different from 200K of dynamic stuff.

    All in all, if your database is only 50MB you should be able to host it quite well on that server, and grow quite a bit (assuming the server is fairly well tuned for this task) with it.

    Some will recommend you put MySQL on the secondary drive (and please do backups outside of the server in this case!) so that it has some dedicated I/O rather than sharing it with everything else on the server.

    Just my two or three cents. =)


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    Why do you need 100Mbps dedicated unmetered? This will cost you a lots, while your sites/forum are still small and not hosting files, streaming video?
    That server can handle your sites/forum for a moment, but it will over loads as your growing. So, if your not using much traffic, you should go with a bigger server and less bandwidth (2-3TB traffic)
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    Too many factors to give you a good answer. Try running the site, see what you get. If you're not satisfied, there are lots of optimization practices you could use. Some of them take more effort than others.
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    Thanks for all the replies

    So the server should be able to fix at least 2 million pageviews for that web site a month?
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    My son ran a website with 5 million pages views on a shard hosting, it all depends on how you mange it

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    what do you mean? manage it? sorry if my question is stupid... I'm a noob when it comes to dedicated servers
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