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    I'm a 18 years old college student studying computer sciences looking for a part time job as a support tech.

    I had my own web hosting company and dedicated server for more than a year and I'm into webdesign/hosting since 1999.

    skilled in:

    Apache configuration
    Unix (on openbsd for 1 year)
    HTML/PHP(basic knowledge)/C
    Customer support

    My experience
    Aeternam technology (customer support/web design)
    AT&T new jersey (Undernet IRC chat operator on the AT&T/superlink server)
    And a few other webhosts...

    I speak french,english, and a little bit of spanish (un poquito). I live in Québec, Canada. I learn fast, I like to help and answer customers, I need the money for my college years

    I am willing to work 3-4hours a day (and more on weekends) for around 300$USD per MONTH

    PM me or mail: [email protected]

    Resume available upon request

    Thanks a lot
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