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    Hey guys. I just signed up here and have a question. I'm new to all this website stuff but trying to learn fast. I have dreamweaver and have been able to teach myself a good amount. However, my brother has an existing site he paid to have made. He now has the user name and password and wants me to make some changes to the site. I'm not sure where I go to sign in with the username and password. Do I need to find out who's hosting the site?

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    Well, you could try using an FTP client and use the address as "". And then the Username and Password that he gave you.

    If that fails to work, you should probably find out who the website is hosted with. Either by asking him, or performing a WHOIS ( ) search on the domain.

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    Thanks James. The guy who made it isn't returning my calls yet so Ill give that whois search a try. Thanks again

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    Find out who is hosting your brother's web site. This is the hosting company. This is where you will log in to upload your changes in html. A Hosting company will be the one who stores your brothers site on their server. Popular hosting companies are,, and, but there are other ones.

    The only sure way to find out where to log in is to talk to the person who purchased the website directly. This person will give you the web address to the hosting company that hosts your brother's site on their server. The whois search may or may not show who is hosting a site.

    After you find the hosting company, just call the hosting company tech support and they should walk you through any uploading questions. Once you learn how to upload your pages, it will be easy, like riding a bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by top10hosting View Post
    Find out who is hosting your brother's web site. This is the hosting company. This is where you will log in to upload your changes in html.
    This isn't correct. He will log in where his account is stored, which may be on a different server or even network from the host itself.

    The above advice about trying "" is correct, if you're editing your files locally and want to update on the account. In Dreamweaver, go to the site definition for this website, and look for the section for "Remote Info", under the advanced tab. Choose FTP access, enter the "" (use the actual domain name) for the FTP Host and so on. For the host directory, you can try using "/public_html", since chances are pretty good it may be a cPanel server.
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