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    My review for HC Servers

    Hi, I know how important is to have a reliable web host, especially when you have customers who are ... let's say hard to be pleased. I run SEO services company based in Eastern Europe and work mostly with customers from Spain and UK. Most of them want me to find a web host, web designer for them and to develop their web sites. Sometime from the scratch line, sometimes to work on site with tens thousands of visitors.

    I would like to express my appreciation to my web host - HC Servers. I think this is very professional and competitive managed hosting company. I have 1 Core 2 Duo based machine and 2 Xeon based managed servers with them hosted in Amsterdam, all three used by UK property development companies, clients of mine. My clients are very satisfied of the customer support provided by the web host. Me too.

    I don't need very special level of customization, besides CentOS Linux, Mail server, PHP, MySQL and some social software on the servers. Anyway... I received proper server managemenr any time I need it.

    There is no perfect hosting company, so I can add one thing that HC Servers need to improve. Some times it takes up to 48 hour to have the server online for some configurations. I presume that they don't have anything in stock and probably need to buy some parts. But this is reasonable for me, ezpecially for the price I pay. I know there are many good hosts here at WHT. Well I'll add next on the line - HC Servers.

    Thank you
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    Good to see more decent web-host popping up on this side of the planet

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