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    Question Recover domain name (Not renewed)

    I would like to recover a domain name, I woste to pay for 2mhost (included, hosting + domain), I didnt renewed the account and lost the domain.

    Contacted 2mhost, but they say they're not the current registar (I used whois, last year, found info about Enom, contacted Enom, they say they're not the registar too). So, here I am again, trying to figure out, what to do.

    The domain name is


    Any kind of help will be appreciated!

    Thanks for your time and knowledge! ;D

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    The domain is still with enom, you can find the reseller from their website.

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    thats what I thought, using their tools, to search for it (they say its not). Anyway, I've send them an email, regarding this issue, they replyed back claiming that its not (a few monts ago)

    I tryed to contact them again, but their email address, for support is not available. I cant create a ticket for helpdesk.

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    eNom are lying. eNom are the registrar. I don't understand what dnki is saying about finding out who the reseller is. The domain has eNom whois privacy. Whilst there are probably plenty of eNom customers who use eNom Privacy, it is also used by eNom themselves to hide their identity for domain they decide to keep for themselves. In which case they will always give you the runaround. It is useless to send email to eNom. You need to open an account at eNomCentral and open up a support ticket.
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    whose fault for not renew the account... no choice have to be in the mercy of enom....

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