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    PENTIUM-D 925 DUAL-CORE 3.0GHZ 800FSB 3 GB Ram just 130$!

    EmpireSP has a custom offer to you!

    3GB Ram
    Primary 250GB Sata
    Secundary 750GB Sata
    10 mbits unmetered*
    5 dedicated ips

    Its a custom offer, if you like send mail to [email protected]

    * 10MBPS UNMETERED DETAILS - Each 10MBPS UNMETERED server is connected to a Full-Duplex 10MBPS switch port, which is connected to a bandwidth pool shared by all 10MBPS UNMETERED clientele. 10MBPS UNMETERED servers on average can transfer between 2000GB-3000GB per month in both outbound and inbound directions. The 10MBPS bandwidth allocation is not guaranteed/dedicated, and is supplied on a "best-effort" basis---which may result in some slowdowns during peak traffic times. NO OVERAGE FEES REGARDLESS OF USAGE.

    Thank you

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    How much for 100mbit shared unmeterd..if you do it?


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    no, just this option on this promo.


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