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    I am selling


    I decided to make it a PHP script listing site, but obviously you can leave it that way or make it what ever you want.

    I am not a programmer, so I am finding it a bit expensive every time I want to make a change to the site I have to pay someone.

    I suggest if you buy it and want to make changes you either better know a tad bit of php or have a bit of money set aside for this.

    In the right hands PHP MONSTER has huge potential.

    Here are the few stats that I have.

    Google analytics was added to the site on Feb. 23, 2008

    Stats as of today March 4 ...

    195 Visits
    618 Page Views

    Adsense. Nothing to really speak of yet. $2.56 is really being sold at this time based on potential.

    Do not kid yourself, the domain alone is worth more than the price I am asking.

    If you live in the US and would like to talk by phone please PM me and I will call you or you can call me. If you live outside the US just PM me your questions.

    Created: 2004-04-21
    Expires: 2010-04-21

    Pay by PayPal
    plus pay pal fees.

    Also, since I do not have alot of feedback here I have included a link to where I do...

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    I have a current offer of $210

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    Here is an update. I have two offers of $300.

    One from DP and the other from NP.

    I will honor both of their privacy.

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    Name has been sold. Thanks.

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    Awesome deal.

    My loss is your gain. I don’t really want to get into it, but be a smart investor and pick this package up.

    Here is what you get, Java Monster Created 2002 Java Monsters Java Script Monster HTML Monsters CGI Monster Perl Monster Python Monster VBScript Monster Visual Basic Monster

    I posted on Sedo on 3-05-08

    Here are the stats:


    I can assure you I would not be selling by it’s self for less than $5k if something had not come up. You are talking about the next Starbucks or the next Java programming mecca.

    Java is the top programming language in the world right now.

    You get all 9 names for $ 500 firm.

    This is not an auction.

    Please check out my reputation as a trader you will see that I am 100% honest about domains.

    Multi post. Don’t let this slip away from you.

    $500 FIRM

    Plus PayPal Fees.

    All names are at Godaddy. Exp. is 8-31-09

    Super Quick push as always.
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    I need to move on this.

    First $400 gets this package.

    I assure you that you will look back and wish it was you.

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    Names have been sold. Thanks.

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