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    Hosting Sites

    Guys hope you could help me out ..

    I have jsut aquired 4 new Dell Poweredger Servers.

    I would like to use it to host our Online PC Gaming club website and Forums etc

    We would also like to use it as Game servers etc...

    The question is what web server software do you recommend to install to host my club website and mustilple out club websites on my server.

    It will be appracited if you could advice on what OPS to use software etc so it is secure as possible.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    If you have some server management experiance, you can install minimal os distro (like debian etch) + http server (apache, lighttpd), mysql server, php ,DNS server (or you can host your dns zone somewhere else) and FTP (like pure-ftpd).

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    Would Red Hat be ok for thatthen ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by webhosts_gi View Post
    Would Red Hat be ok for thatthen ??
    Yes, Red Hat would be fine.

    Although I think some game servers only run on Windows, so maybe you shoud check that the game server you want to run is Linux compatible.

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