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    This obviously won't be of any surprise to any one that is some bit of a regular on WHT, and there are plenty of other threads similar to this one - but what the heck, maybe someone will read this and look elsewhere if they actually were considering

    First, I'm not the type of person to generally require any support. Being a VPS, I can fix my own issues within certain boundaries... so basically, I didn't really require much (any) assistance up until now. I have another server which hosts the majority of my sites, but I figured the cheap VPS would be decent to stick a large image gallery of family pictures on due to the recent birth of our first child. There were enough bad reviews around about these guys (guy?) at the time to deter most people, but I'm the type to give things a shot anyways - after all, it was a good price and good features even if the support was awful and the service wasn't very reliable. I was willing to accept this, it's just a family photo album after all, not life or death - if it goes down for a while, I just have to e-mail grandma pictures instead of posting them online.

    That said, the service itself wasn't all that bad. I don't recall any downtime, although I'm sure some existed, because I don't monitor the uptime on this account. I kind of wish I had now, strictly for statistical purposes to see how well the service actually was since I only visited the site once every handful of day's to upload new pictures. The speed of the VPS and speed of the bandwidth was nice and relatively low latency as well. But as I said, I cannot stress enough that this was not a very active site and I did not visit it often nor monitor it so it may have been down for hours every week and I wouldn't have known.

    Now for the support aspect, here is where they really shine bright (bright like a blackhole). In summary, awful. First off, Circa Portal that they developed looks like it was pieced together and thrown out into production before it hit alpha stage. No big deal though I suppose, the real bread and butter of a companies support should be the people standing behind the service, right? The big problem is, there doesn't seem to be any people. I've spent a bit over a month with an expired Directadmin license on my VPS. I neglected to report it straight away because I've had this happen sometimes previously and typically the next day it would be fine. I forgot till about a week ago when I was going to pull a site backup off for transition to a dedicated box in a datacenter in downtown Madison, WI where I live for easy access - and it was still expired. I submit a ticket, and proceeded to wait a day, then two days. Somewhat flustered, I attempted to call their published phone number... busy signal mostly every time I call (presumably from other upset customers) and if you don't get the busy signal - you get a this line is disconnected recording! Next, I figured we'll try the AIM contact information - nothing here either. Hmm, maybe we will check their forums in case others are running into this and have had any word back from X1, but the forums have been removed.

    So here we are, a week later, and no answer to the ticket nor other working methods of contacting them. As I said, I'm not overly surprised it ended up this way - and given the fact that there were negative reviews floating around when I picked up the account and due to the price for what was offered being in the too good to be true range I really don't have much room to nag. You certainly do get what you pay for, and a sub $25 a month well equipped VPS account is a bit too low to get support in that price range.

    Just wanted to post this to bring another topic about these guy's in case someone else rolls around considering them and doesn't use the useful search feature.

    I eagerly await a response from Darin on the forum here stating one of the following:

    "I don't show any record of any tickets opened by you"
    "Remember you must submit help requests through the ticket system"
    "As mentioned in response to your ticket, we have corrected the issue."

    In case anyone wants to attest to the validity of my ranting, you can verify my domain is hosted through X1 (at least until I stop the Paypal subscription once I drop my server off downtown and move it).
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    Have you tried sending him a PM through WHT?
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