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    General Questions


    Im looking at getting a quarter rack, Ive been coloing for the past few months.

    However I have a couple of questions that Id really like to know more on, Ive googled around and cant find anything.

    - Power. When they say for example you get 10amps, what does this actually equate to? Is there some sort of formula that can be used?

    - Bandwidth. What is 95th percentile? And how does Gbit relate to gigabytes of bandwidth?

    All info greatly appreciated.

    Thanks allot

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    Greetings user12,

    95% can be a bit of a change if you are used to straight GB allocations of bandwidth. See if this helps: 95th Percentile If you are still confused, PM me and I'll try and help more

    Power is another thing that can be a bit getting used to. Are you familiar with converting power supplies to amps? <<snipped>>
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    1 Gbit/sec = 324 TB/month (324,000 Gigabyte)

    I am not positive on this... but power is usually sold in blocks of 20A...

    Hard to equate a formula, id be interested if someone said there was a way... Each server uses a different amount of power, CPU, Hard Drives, and amount of cooling devices in a system changes the power consumption.

    If you want to see your power usage before shipment, you can always buy a PDU with digital amperage readout.

    Something like this:

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