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    The Magic Host...anyone have sinsight?


    Has anyone used this company for reseller purposes?

    Their plans include end user support, and are pretty heavy on the disk space...50g/200g for $25/month. The storage sounds oversold, especially since the bandwidth is on the light side (1:4 ratio).

    All the research I have done in past few months points towards Inoohosting as meeting my needs for full features and end user support, with resellerzoom in 2nd (due in part to the reports on here about being down for days.) This new find has me thinking.

    Just would like to know if anyone is using them or has used them and how the experience was...


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    I never heard about the magic host before.
    How do you know about them?
    If you go with the magic host, make sure that you run backup of your websites regularly. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Never used or heard of TheMagicHost but, WebHostingStuff has them with 100% uptime the past 6 months plus contact for them is in Taiwan, Province of China.

    Other 3rd party review sites also by enlarge talk highly of TheMagicHost

    Goes without say regarding InnoHosting as they are well known on WHT for positive reasons

    Hope this helps
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    Where have I heard about them?

    On here...there is a guy who posts on here and the name of the company is in his green.

    I think the guy's handle is greenmagic or something like that....yeah, just confirmed it in one of the threads about jaguarpc...GreenMagic is the handle.

    funny...sometimes things are right in your own backyard.

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