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    * - 24/7 Monitoring, Server management - FREE 100 GB BACKUP SPACE !!

    Serverwizards' team consists of people that have been mastering their knowledge about all sorts of Unix / Linux systems for at least 10 years. With such experience we are joining webhosting industry in order to make your business grow faster and smoother.

    1) Server Management - $75 /month
    - UNLIMITED admin hours and tickets (!!!)
    - FREE Remote backup - 100 GB space for your data
    - FREE Advanced Security Plan (Linux/BSD)
    - 1 hour response time guaranteed (15 minute average response time)
    - 24/7 Server Monitoring wit cellphone notification (up to 12 services)
    - 3rd party software installation and configuration.
    - System / hardware optimization
    - Emergency Problem Resolution
    - Ongoing security patches
    - OS updates
    - Kernel upgrades

    We provide huge discounts for multiple servers.

    We support the following Operating Systems:
    - Linux Redhat, Redhat Enterprise, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, SuSe, Mandrake
    - OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD
    - Sun Solaris

    Control Panels:
    - cPanel / WHM
    - Ensim Webppliance
    - Plesk
    - DirectAdmin
    - Hsphere
    - Virtuozzo

    2) Server Security - Linux / FreeBSD plans - from $50 :
    - Update kernel to the latest release + security patches (grsecurity/openwall)
    - Thorough security audit
    - Installation and configuration of firewall (KissFirewall/Bastille Firewall/APF)
    - Installation of security updates as released by OS/Control Panel vendor
    - Disabling unused and insecure services
    - Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software
    - Log auditing for unusual activity
    - Securing PHP
    - Apache / MySQL tweaking for maximum performance
    - SSH server hardening
    - Securing /tmp directory
    - Kernel tuning with sysctl
    - PSAD (Port Scan Detector)
    - SIM (System Integrity Monitor)
    - PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
    - MRTG / RRDTool (Bandwidth Usage Monitor)
    - SNORT (Network Intrusion Detection System)
    - ACID (Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases)
    - TRIPWIRE (keeps track of every file being moved/edited in the system)
    - AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment)
    - CHkrootkit (Rootkit/Exploit scanner reports sent daily)
    - Samhain (File System Integrity Checker)
    - Mailscanner installatation / setup
    - ClamAV installation / setup
    - Kernel tuning with sysctl
    - SSL certificate installation
    - Smartd (HDD Reliability monitor)
    - Tripwire (keeps track of every file being moved/edited in the system)
    - DDOS and SYN flood protection setup

    Check out our website :
    or send an e-mail to Sales Department for quotes : [email protected]

    You can also address your questions with support at MSN: [email protected] or AIM : serverwizards

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    Will you install LiteSpeed and optimize it as part of this package?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornstar View Post
    Will you install LiteSpeed and optimize it as part of this package?
    Yes, we will do it as part of the package.

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