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    Talking The Planet | Tired of Exclamation Marks in Offers? These Deals Don't Need Yelling.

    The Planet boasts and industry-leading 120+ Gbps network, six wholly-owned data centers, friendly customer support, and the best value for your dedicated hosting dollar:

    Dual Xeon 2.4 Sale
    Order the server below with promo code "dualxeon24" to get a $60/mo Savings on a Dual Xeon 2.4.

    Intel Dual Xeon 2.4
    80GB Hard Drive
    1024MB RAM
    1500GB Bandwidth
    Regular Price: $209 + $25 Setup
    NOW ONLY $149 with FREE Setup

    Visit our Dual Xeon 2.4 link from now through March 31 to get all the details about this limited supply promotion.

    FREE Setup on KVM
    For a limited time, have a brand new Lantronix Spider KVM installed on your server for FREE, and you'll have complete remote access capabilities to manage your server from the beach or your backyard for only $30/mo ... This promotion is an incredible value for you because it saves you the normal $100 setup immediately, and it is much more attractive to us than bringing all that sand into the data centers.

    Visit our KVM page to order yours today.

    Current Customers: Upgrade Special
    In this customer-exclusive promotion, the cost for all bandwidth, RAM, and HD upgrades for our existing users is cut in half.

    The Upgrade Special page for this promotion's details and to contact sales.

    Prices Slashed on Dedicated Backup Servers with R1Soft's CDP
    The Planet's Dedicated Backup Servers bring you the industry's best value in backup: Low cost-per-gigabyte configurations with R1Soft's easy-to-use Continuous Data Protection (CDP). Don't get burned by neglecting backups on your mission-critical data.

    Choose from one of our three most popular RAID 5 configurations: 500GB ($239/mo or ~$0.48/GB), 1TB ($339/mo or ~$0.34/GB), or 1.5TB ($439/mo or ~$0.29/GB).

    Head to The Planet's Back It Up page now to get all the details about this limited-time, limited-supply promotion.

    A Server Free For All
    ALL new server orders are eligible for a package of free add-ons:
    • Free Setup
    • 2 Free SSL Certificates
    • Free 2GB DiskSync Backup
    All servers over $200/mo are also eligible for an upgrade to 10 GB of Free DiskSync and a Free Control Panel from cPanel, Plesk, Ensim or Helm.

    Click to get all the details about our Free For All.

    Private Racks: Buy 4 Servers, Get 1 Free
    Ever stop and wonder what it would be like if you could enjoy pooled bandwidth, back-end connectivity and with the option of Gigabit ethernet? Do you think it’s just a dream? It’s not -- especially now.

    For a limited time or while promotional supplies last, The Planet provides a 5th FREE* server when you purchase four in a private rack or cabinet. This is a huge savings, and one that doesn’t come around very often. Take advantage of it now and start saving.

    Private Rack Servers
    Conroe 3040 SATA
    Conroe 3060 SATA, SAS & RAID
    Kentsfield 3210 SATA & SAS
    Dual Woodcrest SATA, SAS & RAID
    Dual Clovertown SATA & SAS

    Servers starting as low as $149/month
    Private Rack shelves starting as low as $325/month

    Private Cabinet Servers
    Dual Xeon 3.2 SATA & SAS
    Single Woodcrest SATA & SAS
    Dual Woodcrest SATA & SAS
    Kentsfield SATA & SAS
    Dual Opteron 2212 SATA & SAS
    Dual Clovertown SATA & SAS
    Dual Xeon & Dual Clovertown Monster Servers

    Servers starting as low as $249/month
    Private Cabinet starting as low as $550/month

    *FREE Server List:
    Conroe 3040 SATA
    Single Woodcrest SATA
    Dual Woodcrest SATA
    Dual Xeon 3.2 SATA – Cabinet only

    Call a sales rep at 866-325-0045 to get your very own private rack.
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    Got Xeon? Nope, got 4! (or 8, you choose) :D

    sorry, remove please
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    What kind of Xeon CPU is it? Do you have model info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMH-Moe View Post
    What kind of Xeon CPU is it? Do you have model info?
    The Dual Xeon 2.4 servers in our promotion will be from the Prestonia line or the Gallatin line. They all boast two 2.4GHz processors with the primary difference between available servers being the Front Side Bus speed (400 or 533).
    Kevin Hazard
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    SoftLayer, an IBM Company

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    is it just me or does theplanet just copy softlayers ideas and put them all on a 6 yr olds website? Sorry if theplanet had all these ideas first, softlayer has one heck of a better way of showing it off.
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    I really don't see how this server is at a special price, it's way overpriced for the hardware. Such a small HDD and RAM. There are plenty of other providers who offer much more for less.

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