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    Exclamation quick question: gearhost?

    i posted here:

    and ended up deciding on gearhost. i haven't signed up yet, but their feature set seemed to fit me well and they were prompt in corresponding... AT FIRST...

    i've sent a few newbie questions to them that at first were answered, but now i told them i was ready to sign up if i just had one question answered and haven't received a reply in more than 2 days! this after multiple e-mails to their sales, support, and even ryan (their ceo who e-mailed personally after my post here). nothing. i'm still likely to sign up with them becuase i've already made the decision, but it's maybe raised a little red flag for me.

    well, my big question is this: they are running a special where you get a free domain name with signup. does anyone know if they register it for you in YOUR NAME or under their name (ie if you end up leaving gearhost for some reason can you take the domain name with you?)? anybody?

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    As a friend I really do not suggest you to register your domain with a hosting provider, unless they are having their own domain registrar company and has been accredited by ICANN.

    I've heard lots of stories about the web hosting companies who provide domain registration as well. But once you wanna leave them and shift to another host, they really give a hard time, whether takes ages to transfer a domain, change the DNS's or at the end of the day they won't give it to you. They have full control over the domain and can change the registrant information anytime.

    So better register your domain with some companies such as: Enom Inc. , and etc.

    PS: Of course did not mean anything toward They are respectable.

    Great day!
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    i got in touch with them today- even got through on their phone number (should've tried that sooner) and signed up!

    registration was easy and painless, and they do allow you to be the registered owner of the domain.

    happy so far!

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