I need help with making hosting plan pricing and offers.

I run a computer troubleshooting, web hosting, web application development company.

We have an unmetered 10MB fibre to MTS allstream. We have about 10% utilization - so I'd like to sell more of it - and upgrade to a bigger pipe.

We have a few large reseller hosting accounts that are related to our web application development.

I'd like to do more colocation / dedicated server business - but the prices I want to charge for bandwidth make people laugh.

How are people restricting the pipe size? This seems like the best way to play fair.

But it still seems like people are overselling their bandwidth.

What's a fair price per MB?
Or if I wanted to sell up to half of the 10MB what would be fair?
What would be fair for ports on the switch?
Not to mention power, cooling, and rack costs?