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    ::Admin Lite:: Server Administration Plan, by Touch Support, LLC., $49.95/Month

    Use the coupon code TSGPD and you can receive 50% off your first payment for our ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan, $49.95/server per month.

    A complete description of the ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan can be seen at:

    The ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan offers:

    Server Monitoring

    The ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan will monitor your server every 2 minutes. We connect to 13 different ports, and we can tell whether the service is really working or not. If an incident occurs, we will begin, within 12 minutes, to investigate and/or implement the reaction plan to get the server back online.

    Server Security Audits and Hardening

    We perform an initial security audit and hardening, including: System “Root Kit:: Scan, SSH Hardeing, Host.Conf/SysCtl.Conf Hardening, and Directory/Partition Hardening.

    Security audits and hardening are performed weekly after the initial service.


    We provide update patches as they become available: Kernel updates (grsecurity), Apache updates, PHP updates, MySQL updates, Control Panel updates, and General System updates.

    Additional Server Administration

    Each month we provide 2 hours or 4 issues of additional server administration time, for services that are not already covered by the ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan.

    Our Team

    Our server administration team will be available to you 24/7, by email.

    Sign Up

    To sign up for the ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan simply go to:

    Be sure to use the coupon code TSGPD to receive 50% off your first payment.
    System Requirements

    *Linux: RedHat, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Debian
    *BSD: FreeBSD
    *Control Panels: cPanel, Plesk, Direct/Admin, VHCS

    For additional questions or any type of help whatsoever, please contact me at:

    1-888-458-6824 Ext. #3
    [email protected] <mailto: [email protected]>
    AIM: TSGradyR
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    Quote Originally Posted by GradyR View Post
    A complete description of the ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan

    Security audits and hardening are performed weekly after the initial service.
    your website says "Weekly Server Security Audits/Updates" is not included in admin lite but in this thread you are saying it includes weekly audits

    can you confirm which one is correct ?

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    Sorry for the delay.

    You are quite correct. The ::Admin Lite:: plan does offer security audits and hardening on a monthly basis.

    I do apologize, we had started offering security audits on a weekly basis, but the volume got to high.

    When I run this post again, I will change weekly to monthly.

    Thank you.

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    Does it matter?
    You can Probably report to a mod, They can change it.

    Do you support Hypervm? & related Hypervm Tasks ?

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    Does it matter?
    Well, I've pmed you something yesterday when you're online. Got no response. .. can you check?

    Thank you

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    If I understand correctly you support Xen and cPanel so how much do you charge to setup a Xen server with a small number of VEs on it and it's management afterwards?


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    Hi Andy,

    I am sorry for the delay!

    Thank you for your inquiry, and for considering Touch Support as your VPS management team.

    At this point we are not setting up VPS servers or the individual virtual container (VE) accounts. I would recommend that your data center be the one to contact for the initial setup.

    Once the VPS and the VE's are set up, then we would need the ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan, $49.95/server per month, to be placed on the main node of the server. This will allow us to monitor the server and work on the individual VEs. Then, in order to provide system administration services for each VE, cPanel or Plesk must be installed in each container.

    Additionally, if each VE is simply being used by one user, you can put the VPS ::Admin Lite:: Full VE Management plan, $19.95/VE per month on the individual VE.

    However, if the VE's are being used for shared web hosting, then the VE will need to be set up under the VPS ::Admin Lite:: VE Shared Hosting management plan, $29.95/VE per month.

    This will allow us to manage the VE's, set up the nameservers, IP addresses, etc. and then continue to manage and monitor the VE's as long as they are covered by our VPS ::Admin Lite:: plan.

    So your basic cost for management of the VPS node and VE's (after they have been set up on the node) would be $49.95 for the main node of the VPS, and then either $19.95 or $29.95 for each of the VE's that you wish to have managed.

    If this plan would work for you, after your server and your VE's have been set up you can sign up for the ::Admin Lite:: server administration plan online at:

    Then when you have received your Welcome Email, approximately 24 hours later, you can go ahead and sign up for the individual VE plans, one at a time as an existing customer. You will not have to wait 24 hours in between these sign ups, as your account will already be set up.

    *If you wish to include end user technical support, then you would purchase our Per-Ticket support plan.

    The Per-Ticket support plan has a monthly minimum billing of $300.00. This is reached through the cost of support tickets, $4.25/ticket, the cost of the support subscription, $44.95/month (includes an unlimited Kayako eSupport license, needed for the helpdesk), the cost of the ::Admin Lite:: plan ($49.95/VPS Node per month, and the cost of the VPS ::Admin Lite:: VE Full Management plan ($19.95/VE per month) or the VPS ::Admin Lite:: VE Shared Hosting plan ($29.95/VE per month).

    As you can see you would not have to purchase very many support tickets to achieve the $300.00 monthly minimum billing.

    This combination of these plans would give you Levels 1, 2, & 3 for your end user technical support, and full management of your VE's.

    If you would like a quote via our service agreement for both the VE management and the end user technical support, then I would need you to send an email to [email protected] to include the formal name of your company, i.e. LLC., Inc., the billing address, the name and title of the person authorized to sign contractual agreements, an emergency contact phone number, the number of VE s that you plan to have created (and whether they will be accounts for 1 person or shared hosting accounts), and the number of end user technical support tickets that you would expect us to receive in a normal month. No obligation is incurred.

    Thank you again for your inquiry.

    Please let me know if I may assist you in any way or if I may answer any additional questions.

    Kindest regards.

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