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    Question pinnacle cart: if / else code to show content on home page only?

    Pinnacle support declined to help me with ANY customization. Extremely disappointing, but I'm already well into development with it, so telling them to shove it and getting a refund isn't an option at this point. So I'm hoping somebody who has customized pinnacle cart can help me with this. I'm sure it's simple, but I'm not a programmer.

    What code should I use to display certain content on the home page only, then different content in the same space on the rest of the site?

    I know the logic, just not the code... Something like this:

    {$if current_page= "home"}

    <home page content>


    <rest of site content>



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    Pinnacle finally came through with the answer:

    {if $current_page == "home"}
    home page code
    rest of site code

    And yea...It hurts to have been so close, yet so far.

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