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    ensim 3.1 reseller bw usage monitor script wanted

    I run a small webhosting firm, with a bunch of clients setup as resellers in the ensim 3.1 reseller admin. That way they can add their own domains etc.

    However, I think the reseller admin within 3.1 lacks a good way to see bw usage of resellers. I can only see the allocated bw, not the actual use.

    I need a way to monitor my clients transfer better in order to enhance my billing routines. For me the script seems quite simple. A meere question of pulling som data from postgresql db.

    (1) I need a way to accumulate all the bw used on each reseller account. I should be able to make realtime requests.
    (2) Furthermore the script should be able to show me the bw usage for single domains.
    (3) The perfect solution would be for me to "check" the domains from a list that i would like to see the usage for, and then have the total usage for those domains presented in a html page.
    (4) It should be possible to see total usage within 2 months, 4 months etc. for any given reseller.


    contact via 19678140 - tnx

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    I've just finished writing this script, it can be found here (for free):

    Of course, it's very simple, and doesn't keep records and such, but hey! its free .

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