I posted this under the reseller forum but felt this might be a better audience for this topic... please see below, any feedback appeciated!

Greetings fellow HSP's:

We have been providing hosting for a number of years but never defined any 'packages'. Everyone essentially has unlimited disk, traffic, etc. We would just quote the price per domain manually depending on the nature of the site. The co-lo facility we used did not charge us for pipe (they had plenty of bandwidth, very undersubsribed)-- it was a very informal arrangement.

Our current co-lo sold their company, so we are taking the opportunity to 'start fresh' and re-build our servers at a new data center. We've invested in WHMCS for billing automation, and we use PLESK today for both Windows and Linux.

I am seeking some guidance on how to craft our packages. Looking around the web many HSP's offer the typical silver, bronze, gold type 'good, better, best' for both end user and reseller packages.

The new data center does meter and charge for pipe, they charge $50 per meg per month. We signed up for 4 meg based on some MRTG reports we ran for about a week at our current host.

We also have a block of 64 IPs from the new host to be used for customer sites requiring SSLs, dedicated servers, etc.

Most of our clients are non-technical. With hosting being so commoditized, I'm not expecting someone to find us in Google or something and sign up. Rather than plaster the # of GB of disk and pipe on the plan I am thinking of high leveling the features in 'plain English' and then having a 'more details' button for the bit heads that might want to see all the wiz bang stuff.

Any feedback on suggested packaging would be great or links to some samples that are working well for you. I'd like to keep the # of packages to a minimum, probably 2 or 3 for shared hosting (my sensation is if you have too many plans it might be confusing, and also that people might just default to the cheapest option).

I'd love to hear from some of you successful HSPs that may have done some trial and error or market research in this area to see what is effective.

Thank you...