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    Quick and easy way of blocking a specific ip in Win2k?


    Aside than running a firewall, is there a safe, quick and easy way to block a particular IP from connecting to your server in Windows 2000. And I'm not referrring to the Security Settings in IIS, but something more solid on a network level.

    I've had to rule out any software firewall as those are difficult to install and configure remotely (as they can technically cut you off remotely)

    Any advice would be much appreciated

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    Now, dont take my word on this, but i think theres a file in your windows dir that allows you to deny addresses. I saw it on a private school network i worked on. A worm had infected the network and there was a file in the WinDir that had a list of AVP sites. According to Symantec, the worm will add a list of AVP sites so the users couldnt update the virus scanning software. im guesing that these files act jst like .htaccess files as in allow, deny etc...i think its windows\hosts.sam on win9x and in nt4.0+ i think its winnt\system32\drivers\etc\Imhosts.sam

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