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    nascar2003 on dedicated

    I really wasn't sure where to ask this but, does anyone know if its possible to run a nascar racing 2003 season server from a linux dedicated server? If so does anyone have any link to a tutorial on how to do this? I have a dedicated and would like to run a server off it for personal use. I read the dedicated readme but really doesnt help me. Also is there a game panel that supports this game? I have googled my fingers off on this one and have not been able to find anything on this. Thanks.

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    You could probably try with a GUI, eg: KDE and WINE ?

    Not too sure, would be nice if you let us know if you got this working.

    ...I remember playing NASCAR Racing 2003 Season back in the day

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    yeah i play it some but waiting on arca simracing to be delivered but, i know it wont work on linux dedicated...which stinks. thanks for the reply if i get something going ill let you know.

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