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    What is the best PHP/MySQL learning software

    I know the basics of php and mysql but i am far from advanced. I would like to be able to create my own scripts and get into much more advanced coding without having to use google every ten minutes. Does anyone know of any good software to teach PHP and MySQL to a user with basic experience?

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    I think php manual could be good help but is not a software it is just a manual

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    i'll check it out, thanks for the advice

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    As far as tools for learning it nothing really comes to mind. Some time at the local library and with your good friend google will go a long way. Nothing can replace experience and pratice though.

    Tools for actually working with PHP and MySQL:

    * Zend Studio for Eclipse
    * Navicat for MySQL
    * MicroOLAP MySQL Database Designer
    * XAMPP
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    dbQwikSite is very simple tool to build php/Sql web-sites without knowleges of programing languages. There is free version available.
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    IMHO a good book for beginners is one that covers PHP & MySQL *basics*. I think the key is to learn from the roots.

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    If you are looking for a software to increase your php understanding skills, i would like to recommend you:

    Notepad++ or Professional PHP Designer 2007.

    To learn, i recommend "PHP 5 and MySql Bible"

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