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    MSN Search Listing

    I just looked through my logs and I'm now getting steady traffic from MSN Search. I never submitted my site (I thought it costs to get listed)? I'm now getting as much traffic from MSN Search as from Google.

    Wondering how I got listed for free?

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    Where are you listed? There are three main sections on an MSN search result page: "Featured Sites," "Web Directory Sites" which are from Looksmart, and "Web Pages" which are from Inktomi.

    So if you've paid either Looksmart or Inktomi, that's an easy answer. If you haven't, you're probably in Inktomi anyway -- they do run a crawler and add pages that way in additional to the paid spidering program.
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    I'm listed under 'web pages' so it looks like I was crawled by Inktomi. Yippee!

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    lucky u..

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