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    Question about 2checkout

    Hi there everyone. I wanted to start a reseller hosting. For that reason i registered with and payed them $49. Now after 2 days i recieved their email, something like "RISK". They said that i have to provide them colored copy of my NIC (National Identity card). Any one else here who recieved this type of email from Sorry for my bad english.

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    I got the same, as they wanted my ID, passport ect. Must be as i from SA
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    What did u do? Anyone please tell me what to do. Should i send them my id. Should i trust them? Thanx in advance.

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    Yes you can trust them and if they require your id give it to them unless you have something to hide
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    I guess they requires that because you are US resident?

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    No i am not Us resident. Now i dont want to use their payment services. Can anyone tell me a good payment processing service? Or a system that send me all the transections online. That supports Pakistan and other asian countries?

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    It is absolutely normal for a processing company to require some kind of ID and extra documentation for due diligence.

    I would raise questions if a processor does not require extra documentation.

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