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    Non US Windows VPS

    I'm looking for a Windows VPS that is not located in the US. I would also like one that does not require a year contract as I want to try them for a month as I've had a series of bad service providers in the past.

    Other specs: 10 GB min disk, 256 MB RAM. 100 GB traffic would be more than sufficient.

    Best I have found so far is, although all contact is in German. I have found other European VPS providers, but most are pretty expensive for what they are offering. For the price of their medium offerings I can get a dedicated real server (albeit with a year contract) at 1+1 in Germany.

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    If you haven't done so already, I would check out the VPS Offers section. They have great offers, and I'm sure they have some non-US Windows hosts listed there as well.

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