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Thread: iframes problem

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    iframes problem

    Integrating a web application to a webpage using iframe forced search engines to treat with it as separated webpage.
    how to solve this?
    in my case: integrate phpld in Joomla

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    can this be done using php?

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    Maybe using an Ajax routine maybe be more suited.? - Image Hosting -

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    should be a .htaccess work around for this

    or even create a robots.txt

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    • robots.txt can stop search engine crawling but i need people to search my website content.
    • htaccess can rewrite a URL but can't integrate any page into Joomla.

    i heard about Joomla components that can do this job and make "a bridge" between Joomla and phpBB or SMF but not phpLD

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    You'd be better off using an addon that was created to work with Joomla. There're both open source and commercial addons.
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    Feel free to post about this on the phpLD forum too. What we would probably need to know is how you would invision the integration working (more specifics).
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