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    Recommend SEO/SEM Company?


    Im thinking of starting up a business and are currently looking at startup and then monthly costs.

    I have been advised in purchasing a domain which has been around for 5-6 years to improve its ranking on google and I already have a quote for backlinks.

    What I want to know is:-

    1) Are US companies able to do SEO/SEM for different localisations of google? Such as UK, Ireland, Europe, etc ?

    2) Can anyone recommend a very good US SEO/SEM specialist?

    3) If you are one, feel free to pm me. I want to employ a company to do this, as I wont have time to do it myself. Thanks

    To get you thinking. My costs are:-

    Inital Startup: $5000
    Average Montly Costs: $1000-1500

    Goal: To get to rank 4-10 on page 1.

    This is just for the UK, when I move to other countries spend will increase accordingly.

    I will also be wanting to monitor :-

    1) google search term to where they go on the site
    2) google search term to where they stop in the process of purchasing
    3) google search term to where they complete a transaction and what time

    so then I can adjust my spend to focus on key search terms that work


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    You got a nice budget for SEO. What niche are you planning to be involved in? - Internet Marketing and SEO

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCat View Post
    You got a nice budget for SEO.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrCat View Post
    What niche are you planning to be involved in?
    Lets just say, selling a product of course

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    Another question I have.

    What if I want to create a brand. Say roidrage and then will eventually start 3 companies off that. roidrage transport, roidrage media, roidrage sports.

    Im being told now, its best to purchase an expired domain, which has links and maybe some traffic to start off with. But then I cant brand?

    Should I just register a new name and then wait for it eventually to move up the rankings, although it will take a while to do so?

    Any advice appricated and if you dont already know, im real new to this


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    In terms of your domain, I would do what is best for your business long term. It sounds like you have a plan, don't let prior traffic dictate your business plan unless the expired domain fits in nicely. That previous traffic and links of a previous domain might not be helpful to your business. To me that should be icing on the cake if it's quality traffic and links, not garbage ones.

    You do SEO work to build that traffic and it sounds like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders budget / expectation wise. Not a sprint but a marathon.

    You can PM me if you would like some recommendations on companies that might be able to help you out. I would do a lot of homework though, the fact that you're offering up a strong four digit budget will put a lot of hawks out there that will talk a big game, but might not play it.

    Best of luck to you!
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