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    Any other Ewebzone clients...

    Are you also getting a complete lack of service and customer support?

    I have not heard a darn thing from them since they got hacked and now I have only about 25% uptime!!! But yet, I am still paying for the 99% uptime they promise!

    Am I alone here?

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    No, you are not alone. And that's why I'm here.
    All my sites are down.

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    Please see the following message. Thanks
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    Well, I've done some searching and found that out of nine reviews at only one of the reviewers' sites are working.

    Also checked out which as far as I know was hosted at ewebzone is still working.

    Anyone else?

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    Since their main page is a apache default install page I guess they're busy sorting out their problems. If their homepage is also down I guess you guys will have problem contacting them (guess they don't offer phone support).
    -Mr Bister

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    Thanks Mr Bister.

    Does that explain why some sites are running and some are not. I checked-out and found their site is down and they're hosted at

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    I can't call Alex on Toll Free - (800) 686-6730 anyone in the US want to give it a try.

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    Well, I did finally get a hold of Alex and found out this much...since the merger (which you should have been emailed about) he is no longer running the show.

    I cannot find the email in my folders but I know it listed the name of the company they merged with...and that is who you need to contact now I guess. Here is one address that was cc-ed on a recent ticket I had submitted before everything went to hell - [email protected]. HTH

    I am now with a new host.

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    Hi Beth,

    Thanks ever so much for such a quick reply. Unfortunately I did not get any such emails about any merger. Thanks for trying and good luck with your new host.


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    Seeksadmin wont be able to help you here - they're an outsourcing support company.

    If you're uptime really is that bad, its time to move.
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    Tried calling Alex on his personal cell phone, left a message but no reply.

    Has since replied to one of my many emails to many email addresses, asking for my main domain, I've replied but nothing yet.

    Is there any who doesn't own their own server, who can actually say they're protected from hosting companies going bust or fly-by-nighters?

    I've written to several hosting companies but the funny thing is, none will send me a list of their clients whom I can contact and ask about their customer service.

    Lastly, will I ever pay in advance again - NO.

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    I've written to several hosting companies but the funny thing is, none will send me a list of their clients whom I can contact and ask about their customer service.
    That's understandable, as sharing such info without the customers' approval could lead to customers being upset, and possibly even sue on privacy grounds.

    There are plenty of decently sized hosts though, on which reviews are available, and you find ways to contact their customers. Perhaps looking for a host with a reasonably busy support forum would be a good idea. Some customers will have a site in their signatures.

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    Hi Guys,

    Saw this thread and just had to reply.

    I signed up with ewebzone about 9 months ago on a 12-month package. Service was initially excellent, so paid extra to get the failover hosting.

    Then about November 2007, it all started going wrong. Turned out that they were not technically able to provide failover assurance (but provided no refund). Server outage became frequent (some problem with their SQL server), and then they were bought out by Centerdesk LLC. They called it a "merger" but when the Centerdesk manager (Matthew Williams) phoned me to discuss moving my sites to another machine, it sounded more like a "buy-out" from how he was talking. Seems he bought a whole set of boxes from ewebzone and their clients with them.

    He even sweet-talked me into paying extra for some "faster" hardware.

    Well then the service STOPPED - and I mean STOPPED. Server was slow and unreliable. Services that you would expect to be operational by default (such as GDlibrary and phpMyAdmin) were not even loaded. Dozens of emails to them recieved no reply except a "We'll respond soon..." autoresponder. Nothing even from Matthew Williams' personal email. The phone number he had given me whilst assuring me of a personal customer service turned out to be phoney.

    You cannot run an online business without support from your hosting provider, so needless to say, I voted with my feet, and I am back with a company I was with several years ago, and regret ever leaving them. As most of my income is from my websites, it has been a stressful period. I am so glad to be rid of those losers.

    If I were you, I'd wave goodbye to ewebzone/Centerdesk and don't look back.

    I think ewebzone have now ceased trading anyway. I still wonder why ewebzone sold me down the river to a bunch of jokers. If they wanted me to leave their service - they only had to ask.

    Good luck guys - I wouldn't wish my experience on anyone

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    Hey Bill, thanks for your input.

    I think Centerdesk is one of the same as Ewebzone and I think they did some maneuvering to screw the customer. They're based in the US and I in Canada so I can't do much about it but, for their US customers I'm sure there's plenty they can do, including filing with the FBI.

    Alex brought my sites back to life, that's why I say they're one of the same. But, not for long, because the same thing happened. I started loosing email and access until everything went bust again. He is attempting to run but still I can't contact him and he refuses ALL communication including telephone.

    The funny thing is that if I remember correctly ewebzone was recommended thru an email reply here at Webhosting Talk.

    Keep this up because that's how others will know about people like Alex. His brother or father run the Western Maryland Dentistry at Note the missing image at the bottom of the page. That site hasn't lost any uptime.

    Yup, Alex is all over the place and uses the anonamity and vastness of the internet to defraud people.
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    It is certainly nice to see you back in the picture, you were the best in my books until this whole adventure lost you credability you had so painfully built.

    I hope you're here to stay and I can be you're #1 fan AGAIN.

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