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    Header & Background Needed for Fashion Boutique Site

    I'm looking for a very skilled and slightly edgy designer to make a header image and possibly a background for my boutique. I'm not looking for something generic, or anything similar to a hosting template (in other words, I don't want those bars and letters that look sort of 3d). Here are a couple of examples of the type of design that I like: (the logo and background) (the colorization and stripes)

    I also think I would really like some sort of starburst design in the background, sort of like this:

    If this sort of design style is up your alley, please post your portfolio in this thread and any design ideas you might have for my site. If I like what I see I'll PM you for more info.

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    MySpace Layout Backgrounds for clients:

    Website redesign (graphic work and partially modifications) for client:

    Can also create any combination using swirls/stripes/splashes and edgy designing.
    Freelance Coder

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